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An Invitation from Rick Joyner

Letter-From-the-DirectorYou have a purpose. Finding and fulfilling your purpose is the greatest adventure you can have in this life, and should be a top priority for every Christian. Nothing is more exciting than the Christian life, and few things are more boring than mere religion. You are called to have life and to have it in abundance. The vision of MorningStar University is to help equip you to know and fulfill your highest purpose in life.

Every Christian has a calling and a mission. Most are called to fulfill these in everyday situations and places, such as business, the arts, government, media, the military, or other vocations, as well as in missions or the church. MSU is designed to help every student find and be prepared for their unique calling and to walk “the path of the righteous,” which we are promised “shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (see Proverbs 4:18). Therefore, your life should be one of increasing light and clarity if you remain on the right path. Our goal is to help you become firmly established on that path.

We are told in John 10 that the Lord’s sheep know His voice, and they follow Him because they know His voice. The path of the righteous is to follow our King and to do His will. Therefore, knowing the voice of the Lord is basic to our instruction.

Because the basic calling of all Christians is to be like Christ and to do the works He did, our goal is to live like Him by abiding in Him, and always being ready to be used supernaturally to do His works. The Lord and His messengers spoke relevantly to their times. We, too, should seek to see our times from His perspective, and by this, have a timely message of being the salt and light we are called to be.

If this is your basic devotion, you will fit well at MSU, and we would love to have you join us. I think you will find that all of our courses are practical, but they will also inspire you to fulfill the ultimate purpose of every human being—to love God above all else, and by this, to love others because God is love. We want you to love your time at MSU, but even more so, our goal is to see you love Him more. Doctrines and principles are important and can help us, but only those who are in love will never quit. You are called first and foremost to love God, and that too is our highest purpose.

Rick Joyner,
Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries,
MorningStar University, and Heritage International Ministries

MorningStar University
 MorningStar University pushes the traditional boundaries of education to ground theological disciplines in real world relevance. Through an interactive classroom environment, challenging faith missions, ministry opportunities, and strategic internships, students are prepared for their leadership calling.
School of Theology
MSU’s School of Theology is the core program for biblical studies at MSU. By partnering with the North Carolina College of Theology (NCCT), MSU is able to graduate students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology after the completion of the First Year Program (additional tuition and fees required). 
Special Forces
This is an intense, physically demanding leadership training program designed to push individuals beyond their perceived limits to promote resilience and growth. Leadership is a difficult path to walk. This program will prepare you for it.
School of Worship
School leadership for 2015-16 will include Don Potter, Leonard Jones, David Vallier and others. Our professional instructors bring decades of music, worship, and recording industry experience to teach and disciple young worship leaders and musicians into both a greater skill level and the true heart of worship.

Elissa Yoder

The opportunity to work with Don Potter in the worship school was a tremendous privilege. The process taught me a lot about sonship, as well as how to release the unique, God-given sound He put inside of me. My life has been forever changed through this experience.

Sean Rathbun

The Special Forces program has helped me grow physically, mentally and spiritually. I have learned to embrace the process set before me, endure the hardships and rise to a greater understanding of my identity in Christ..

Maggie Hoobler

I have found the sound inside of me and it has continuously been drawn out of me ever since. I will never be the same.
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